Dolphins vs Patriots

This Sunday, the Miami Dolphins (3-0) will be heading up the coast to play the New England Patriots (1-2) in Foxborough. The Dolphins are currently on a hot streak, enjoying good play on both sides of the ball. The same can’t be said for the Patriots, as they are going through their seemingly annual September slump. A win this Sunday is critical for both teams.Dolphins vs Patriots

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On one hand, the Miami Dolphins are looking to prove their worth by beating the Patriots. While they are undefeated, every team they’ve played thus far are not seen as great competition (Jets, Raiders, and Titans). The Patriots, though in their slump, will be the Dolphins biggest challenge so far this season, and getting a win in Foxborough is something that’s very difficult to come by (the Patriots are 27-1 in home divisional matchups since 2007). If the Dolphins can pull off a win there, they will show they’re the real deal and serious contenders to win the AFC East division.Dolphins vs Patriots

On the other side, the New England Patriots are in a must win position. Losing a third game in a row is unprecedented for the team, the last time that happened was in 2002. Thirteen years ago. Of course, the Patriots seem to always get a slow start to the season, with their past two years starting 1-3 and 2-2, both ending in a trip to the Super Bowl. Though this usually happens, a loss to the Dolphins in Foxborough would certainly not sit well with the team or their fans, and people may start hitting the panic button, if they haven’t already.

As always, the Patriots are favored to win this matchup, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to. That being said, the Patriots need this win more than the Dolphins to avoid a very slow start to the season and to get back on track for the rest of the year. The Dolphins will come in to Foxborough amped up and ready to prove themselves, but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will do what they usually do after a loss and take care of business.Dolphins vs Patriots

After this week, the Patriots have the fourth hardest schedule in the league, so it would be best to get things rolling and start their usual winning streak if they want to return to the Super Bowl for a third consecutive year.

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